Houston Contract Dispute Attorneys

A contract problem can damage your business in myriad ways. Whether it involves clear breach-of-contract issues or ambiguities within a document itself, a contract dispute can be a costly and frustrating affair.

To resolve a contract dispute effectively, a lawyer should possess the ability to negotiate well, consider multiple perspectives and address legal complexities. He or she needs to understand the laws that impact business matters.

If you are in the midst of a lawsuit related to a business contract, or if you anticipate the escalation of a disagreement, seeking legal advice can help you protect your interests and minimize potential harm. The Houston contract dispute lawyers Kovach Law Firm, PLLC., can provide the guidance you need.

Our Experience On Your Side

At Kovach Law Firm, PLLC., our highly experienced Texas attorneys offer representation in a variety of business matters. We are responsive and focused on helping our clients find solutions to contract disputes quickly and affordably. We handle matters involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Unpaid accounts and commercial debts
  • The sale of goods, including defective goods
  • Advertising disputes
  • Unfulfilled service agreements
  • Employment contracts related to unpaid commissions, noncompete agreements and severance agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements and partnership disputes
  • Distribution agreements
  • Commercial real estate transactions

Our firm can tackle difficult contract matters through litigation. We welcome the opportunity to help you explore your options.

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